Joss Data focuses on building the long-term relationship with any institutions especially in industry, finance, insurance and government sectors. In today’s working environment, organizations face many issues in Finance, HR, Supply Chain, CRM and Manufacturing process. There are many Software Systems in the market (ERP, CRM & MES) to help management team improve business processes. Some software Systems become so complicated and overwhelming to our users. Especially small and medium-size organizations are left out the focus of so-called advanced software platforms.

With our innovative ECM solution with Simplex Methodology, we give our clients a clear vision and strategy, and make complex problems simple. We break down the complexities in any problem, examine each component in thorough details and develop a roadmap to the most suitable solution for each our client. We follow a strategy of building a series of partnerships by listening, learning, understanding, executing and sharing knowledge. Each organization we work with is considered a long-term partner, rather than a short-term customer. That is our competitive advantage.

We believe that part of the formula for success is the ongoing monitoring of costs. Every dollar spent in your business should translate into a gain at some point. In our ECM Solution, We develop an operationally driven cost strategy to increasing system value through cost management and operational improvements in process of implementation ECM Solution. We ensure that cost productivity is consistent with your business system strategy. In addition to looking at ways to minimize current costs, we work with you to do ROI analyze each system requirements. The Simplex Implementation methodology ensures the best return on your investment on Software system