Applicaton Software ERP/CRM Implementation Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence is the most complicated the dynamic areas in IT service. Joss Data Business Intelligence Team helps customer to take advantage of their information system to aid in their decision-making in the areas of customer profiling, customer support, market research, market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis, and inventory and distribution analysis. Our experienced BI consultants usually have mixed the functional and technical background. We not only develop and test business tools, but also give their suggestions on what we are going to build.

We are focusing on but not limited to SAS Kits, Oracle BI/Discoverer and some popular data warehouse tools such as Ab Initio, Informatica and etc. Industries we serve in this area range from Finance service, Clinic Trial, insurance, manufacture forecast, and sale operation. Reports and Dashboards we delivered mostly exceed the customersĄŻ expectation. Our SAS programmers quickly become project leader on customer sites. Knowledge sharing between customers and us leaves our customers in the best situation after we wrap up our projects and also win us their comeback projects.

More knowledge-based systems improve productivity and profitability dramatically. We educate users the latest technology. With our "implementation teams" help, end-users can leverage their knowledge-based system in their everyday life using our created easy-to-using reports at the different enterprise level without huge IT demand. BI educated workforces give whole enterprise tremendous brainpower without adding extra costs. We will continue emphasizing on business knowledge and technology, and build tools that allow customers gain more value from existing data and systems.