Applicaton Software ERP/CRM Implementation Business Intelligence
In Joss data, our application development team is devoted to design and develop cutting-edge applications fitting your special business needs across multiple industries. We discipline ourselves to execute each component of software development life-cycle -- Requirement Analysis, Functional specification, Prototype generation, Low-level design, Coding, Alpha & Beta testing, Implementation and Maintenance support. We generate detailed and summarized deliverables at every stage for customers and ensure their satisfaction before we move to the next stage.

Joss Data has experienced personnel in wide-range skill sets. We are focusing on but not limited to the front-end tools, like Java/J2EE (Servlets, EJB, XML and JSP) and MS .Net (C Sharp, VB and ASP), and the server-side tools, like Oracle and SQL Server, to develop both windows-based and Unix-based applications.

We understand that every step from design and maintenance in software life-cycle is a challenge. We never jeopardize our reputation and customer investment by shortening any development cycle. Each application development project is carried out with solid design, right tools, good coding practices, comprehensive testing and adequate documentation.